My Florida Villa

Terms & Conditions

Please read these conditions carefully prior to making a booking.

The terms are limited to The Shires Family Villa and do not apply to terms and conditions in relation to any other person or company whose services are used by you or your party on any holiday.

Making a booking

For villa rental a security indemnity deposit of (but not limited to) £100.00 per week is required per property booked. This amount may be varied at the discretion of The owners. This will indemnify the owners against any exceptional or additional charges arising from the use of the property or accommodation for (but not limited to) long distance telephone calls, excess cleaning costs, damage, replacement or repairs to the property or it's contents or loss or failure to return keys. Security deposits will be refunded within 14 days of return less any charges for the above.

We do advice you get Good Holiday insurance as soon as possible which will cover all areas of the holiday including flight ,villa hire , car hire and personal insurance

Force Majeure

Force Majeure means any circumstances which are unusual or unforeseeable and are outside of the villa owners control including (but not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, hostilities, political unrest, government action or airport regulations, industrial dispute, natural or other disaster, nuclear incident, terrorist activity, weather conditions, technical problems with transportation, closure of airports, fire, flood, drought, temporary equipment failure in villas, apartments or hotels. Companies going into liquidation. Flight company going into liquidation, lost of flight, unforeseeable and are outside o fhte villa owners control

no refunds or partial refunds can be made by the owner in event of failure to arrive at the accommodation for whatever reason including transport ,Flight cancellation weather and visa regulations etc

Paying the balance

Balances are payable in full 10 weeks before departure. For bookings within 10 weeks of departure the total rental amount plus security deposit is payable in full at the time of booking. If payment of the balance of the price of the holiday is not received by The shires Florida by the due date, The owners reserves the right to cancel the booking for the holiday in which case The owners is entitled to keep all deposits paid in respect of the holiday and you will have to pay a cancellation charge as though there had been a cancellation.

The owners reserve the right to raise or lower its prices at any time before you book the holiday. Prices may vary and you should make sure you have been quoted the latest price. You will be advised at the time of booking. Once you have booked and confirmation has been dispatched the price of the holiday is guaranteed In accordance with the Owners.

Changes by The shires Florida villa

All descriptions are made in good faith and every care is taken to ensure their accuracy and advertised facilities, amenities, entertainment and schedules may on occasion be restricted, curtailed, changed or cancelled. In these circumstances, we will if possible notify you of such changes. The Owners will not be liable for any such changes beyond its control nor shall any such event give rise to any refund or other claim whatsoever against the owners All prices are subject to availability and change.

Advertised facilities may vary from those published. We will always try to advise you in advance of any changes before the holiday begins but cannot accept any liability to changes by owners or management companies to advertised facilities for property or accommodation.

Special requests

We will endeavour to fulfil any special requests made at the time of booking, however, they cannot be guaranteed.

Major alterations

Major alterations are changes to specific accommodation or holiday dates. Other changes will be deemed "minor". However, we take our obligations to you very seriously and will always try to meet them. On occasion circumstances beyond our control may mean we have to make such changes. Should it become necessary for The owners to make a major alteration to your booking before the date of departure The owners will notify the signatory to the booking form of any such change without delay? Where major alterations have to be made you will be offered the choice of accepting the alteration or of a full refund of monies paid. The refund will be made to the signatory on the booking form within fourteen days. Should it be necessary to make major alterations to your holiday on or after the date of departure due to circumstances amounting to Force Majeure the above shall not apply?

Cancellation by The shires Villas

The Owners are entitled to cancel your Holiday at any time, but will only do so prior to the date when the payment of the balance of the holiday is due or after the balance has been paid and if a cancellation is necessary or advisable in The owner`s opinion because of circumstances amounting to Force Majeure.

If The owners cancels your booking for any of these reasons The Owners will notify the signatory to the booking form whenever possible, the reason, without unreasonable delay. If The Owners cancels your holiday for any of these reasons The owners will offer you a choice of an alternative holiday or accommodation at least of a comparable standard, if available, or a full refund of all money paid. Such refunds will be made within fourteen days of the offer of refund being (or being deemed to be) accepted.

Changes by you

If you wish to make any changes to your holiday after the booking is confirmed we will do our best to help you. However, amendments to the choice of property may result in an amendment fee and or cancellation charges being applied.

Cancellation by you

Your cancellation can only be accepted if it is in writing from the person who signed the booking form. Cancellation will be effective from the date it is received and acknowledged by The owners. We reserve the right to consider the booking cancelled if the balance is not paid 10 weeks before departure. It is recommended that notice of cancellation be sent by recorded delivery post. Cancellation charges will be calculated as set out below.

More than 10 weeks before departure - Deposit only.

8 to 10 weeks before departure - 50%

6 to 8 weeks before departure - 75%

0 to 6 weeks before departure - 100%

Travel documents

All passport, visa, travel insurance and health certificates are your responsibility and The owners of the villa accept no responsibility for any delay or expense incurred through loss or any irregularities in your documents.

Travel arrangements

Where we have made travel arrangements (ground or air) as part of the holiday we have done so as an agent. Such travel will be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant operator.

Manors Homeowners Association rules, no truck or van, boat, trailer, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle or other types of non passenger vehicles, equipment, implements or accessories shall be parked, stored or otherwise kept on any portion of the property or elsewhere on the manors north. The Owners or their Management Company will not be liable for any costs you will incur nor shall we pay any compensation nor make any refunds due to this action

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint whilst you are on holiday, you must tell the local Management Company immediately. They will do their best to resolve any problem to your satisfaction on the spot. In the unlikely event that any complaint cannot be settled quickly, you should contact The Owners in the UK. The Owners cannot accept liability for any complaints that have not followed the above procedure and which are not received by us within 28 days of your return. Claims in respect of accommodation are limited to the total rental amount paid.

The Maintenance Man:

Occasionally Maintenance staff will need to visit during your stay to attend to everyday Items, (pool. Cleaned) please do not be alarmed , if in doubt ask for Identification , Please do not take any advice for other Management companies , please ring our Management team and Take there advice only.

Safe/Lock Box

We have now placed a Free safe in the villa for Guest to use , please understand the owners will not be held responsible if Items going missing from the safe/lock box at any time of your stay

The safe must be left unlocked after your stay and the key left. Otherwise the guest could incur a charge.

Free Broadband Computer

A computer and Broadband Internet connection is provided for guests use free. Please note that this service is provided FREE to guests. The owners will use their best endeavours to ensure that the service is available for use, but cannot be held responsible for any failures, or non-availability, of communication lines, hardware or software. Signing of our booking form is a contract between your party and us and within the terms of this contract you agree not to download or save any pornographic, offensive, obscene or illegal material.


It is very important to note that only persons identified on the booking form are permitted to stay at the property. The party leader agrees NOT to sub-let, share or assigns the property to any other person not authorised by the owner. Please ensure that we are notified of any changes to the original booking, as unauthorised persons staying in the villa will cause the whole party to be excluded from the property without refund and loss of security deposit. No all male or all female parties will be accepted, or groups under 21 years of age.

General conditions

Liability. We cannot accept liability for acts or omissions over which we have no control. This includes (but is not limited to) airlines, car hire companies, management companies and for loss or damage caused by Force Majeure events such as strikes, fire, flood, delays loss of flight by the flight companies going into Liquidation or any other events beyond our control.

Instructions and deposits taken by telephone and verbally confirmed are binding and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as written confirmations. Refunds will not be made for services included in the holiday price that are unused after the departure date.

All guests will be responsible for behaving in a responsible manner and in accordance with local regulations. The Villa Owners do not accept any responsibility for termination of travel or holiday arrangements due to guests causing distress, annoyance, damage or danger to others and therefore will not consider any claims for compensation. The property owners cannot accept any liability for injury to guests or visitors to the homes or by use of swimming pools for loss or damage to personal property howsoever caused.

Check in time is 4 pm. Check out time 10.30 am. Earlier check in depends on availability. Signing of the booking form constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions on behalf of the party booked. The accommodation cannot be shared or sublet. All persons must be shown on the booking form. Clients are strongly advised to take out holiday travel insurance.

Air conditioning unit is set for your comfort during your stay, please do not change the settings, make sure all Doors/windows to the out side are closed at all times if not the A/C unit can frizz.

Our Management Team will come and change the settings for you if needed. If you tamper with the setting and the A/C freezes during your stay you will be changed for the A/C fixing.

STRICTLY NO SMOKING is allowed in the villa or garage at any time, although we do allow smoking on our pool deck.

Please note that contravention of the above will render your booking void and all monies will be forfeited. The Owner or the Owner's management company have sole responsibility for determining if smoking has occurred inside the villa or garage. If smoking is suspected any cost incurred in the neutralisation of odours and making good any damage to the property (including, but not limited to, burn marks, discoloration or disfiguration) will be deducted from the security deposit paid by the Guest. In the event that the security deposit does not cover the cost of repairs the Owner reserves the right to reclaim from the guest all additional costs incurred.

Booking or Holiday

Booking or holiday means the booking or holiday made by you or any person on your behalf that is named on the booking form. Only the persons named on the booking form are allowed to stay in the villa

During your stay the owners do not accept any Liability whatsoever for Death, personal injury, accident, loss or damage to person or personal effects however caused. People are allowed to visit you but not stay without the owners been informed at this is breaking the Law in Florida, and full chargers will be made.

No More than 10 people (including Children) must be in the villa at one time.

No Pets are allowed in the Villa at all times

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